Happy New Year!

                                                                           President’s Blog December 31, 2015

    I realized last week that it had been many months since my last blog. I guess if I am going to get one in by year
    end, I better get started.

    It has been another great year for Lake Kezar Country Club.  Our membership numbers are rising every year
    along with our revenue.  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be part of all the great things that are happening.
    Since the course closed on November 1 the crew has been cleaning up traps, cutting brush/limbs, aerating
    fairways,deep tine aerifying greens, draining water, covering 2 greens etc. etc.  We certainly hope that this work
    will prepare the course for winter and give us a healthy start in the spring.

    The addition of a completely renovated second green drew rave reviews from all that played on it.  This was a
    very expensive venture but a necessary one in my mind.  The new shape and slope of the green should make it
    much easier to keep it healthy all year.I was talking to a business owner in No. Conway last week.  He plays golf at
    LKCC a couple times every year.  He said to me, “ every year I come to play LKCC and each year it gets a little
    better.”  That was certainly nice to hear.

    My sincere appreciation goes out to Mike Lewis and Bill Bissett and their staff.  They both do a great job working
    together to keep the golfing public as satisfied as possible.  Thank you both!

    We have been blessed this fall with warm temps, no ice and beautiful weather.  Many are praising El Nino but I
    prefer to give all the credit to “Uncle" Frank Melvin.  There has never been anyone that loved LKCC more than
    Frank.  I am sure that I will be looking up many times next summer and thanking Frank for the perfect weather.  I
    miss you every day!

    Peace in the world, prosperity to all, good health in 2016 and many enjoyable rounds of golf.

    Yours in Golf,
    Brad Littlefield  President LKCC