President’s Blog October 2014

As we enjoy the last month of our golf season for 2014 it seems appropriate to look back at the season to date.  It
is no secret that the golf industry is on a decline but LKCC seems to be doing all it can to reverse the trend.  We
continue to produce a fantastically conditioned course and our golfing traffic remains steady.  At the same time
we are planning to rebuild a green, buy new golf carts and purchase several new pieces of equipment to help
maintain our course more efficiently.

I would like to sincerely thank all of our members for their support!  They are the heart of our course and I
genuinely try to listen to all of their ideas and suggestions.  We would not be able to enjoy the success that we
have had without the loyalty and quality of our members.

Please get out and get a round of golf in and appreciate the work that has been done to this course in the last 6

We cannot control the golf industry, the inability of Tiger and the other USA golfers to dominate the Tour or the
harsh winters that abuse our course.  We can however rebuild what is damaged, groom what is healthy and
greet everyone that enters our clubhouse with a friendly “hello” and a smile.  I reported at our annual meeting
that the 2 things that a course needs to be successful are great greens and a very friendly staff.  This may seem
“over simplified” but we are doing it better than most and the future of our course depends on this formula.
Thank you to ALL our staff for the tremendous job they have done this year!  God Bless you all!

Yours in Golf,
Brad Littlefield  President LKCC