July 2015

    As we approach the mid-point to our golf season it seems like a good time to reflect on the first half of the year.  Our course came
    through the year in great shape.  The maintenance staff has battled broken water lines, broken valves, broken large fittings in the
    pump station, continuous pine spills/cones, fourth of July fireworks debris and the dreaded Blue grass weevil.  They have faced
    these challenges and many others but continue to produce a course condition that we should all be proud of.  This spring Dennis
    Hodge (our superintendent for the last 2 years) was forced to step back due to health issues.  Mike Lewis has stepped into the
    position as Superintendent and has done an amazing job.  With Jim Hadlock at his side, he has formed the most efficient and
    productive work staff the course has ever seen.  My sincere thanks to Mike and all his staff!

    Last fall we made the decision to rebuild the second green.  The 2nd had become a large bowl shaped green and it was
    impossible to keep grass alive in the low areas.  We added 150+ cubic yards of earth on the existing surface, shaped the contours
    of the green and laid 6500 square feet of bent grass sod on the surface by May 14.  We were ecstatic to be able to open the green
    for play on June 5.  If you have not seen the results, you need to take a look.

    In one of my previous blog’s I had said that the golf world is looking for a front runner, a hero or a villain to root for or against.  Well
    Jordan Speith has certainly solved that problem.  At 21 years old he has taken the golf world by storm and if it wasn’t for a 4 putt
    green mishap, he would be have won the last 3 Majors.  There are any number of players that can win on any given weekend but
    you can bet that there won’t be any majors that Jordan Speith will not be the focal point of the tournament.  Good for him.  Great for

    A fellow member of LKCC asked me the other day “What is the best way to advertise/market the golf course?”  My answer may not
    have been correct but it was lengthy as you can imagine.  We have tried business to business with campgrounds, hotels, B & B’s,
    brochures in State visiting centers, MDOT road signs in 3 locations, brochures in stores and supermarkets, The Mount Washington
    Chamber of Commerce, The Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, The Golf Trail Map of the Mount Washington Valley, The Valley
    Pass, The Lung Card, The Maine Golf Map, a full page ad in the New England Golf Guide, many internet/facebook/website
    promotions and now a weekly ad in The Conway Daily Sun.  He then asked “Do you have any plans to do any other types of
    advertising?”  I told him that I have always wanted to get someone to produce a television commercial for the course.  He looked at
    me with some concern and said “Do you think we can afford to produce and air a tv commercial?”  I replied “I don’t think we can
    afford not to!”  Stay tuned.

    Yours in golf,
    Brad Littlefield
    Lake Kezar Country Club